Tomb of Horror's 4th Edition

Season 1: Harpies Over Head
Season 1

Future earth by multiimage

After spending some time in the little village of Retmar the adventuring company <yet-to-be-announced> has been informed that all traffic threw the Black Troll forest have secede and no caravans between the two villages have been able to make it to Retmar. Thomas Blackwood has persuaded the the adventuring company <yet-to-be-announced> to investigate the trouble in the Black Troll forest by promising them 2,100 gold pieces (700 GP per person). After a days walk threw the Black Troll forest they <yet-to-be-announced> came across a large open clearing and were then Peter was waylayed by a Harpy hiding in a tree over head. After a long and brutal fight only climaxing with the contaminated fey dieing and then only to be reanimated to fight another round. To the north side of the clearing Enna spotted a path to what can only be they fey wild.


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